Interesting Versions of the History of this Popular Game

Baccarat is amongst the most popular online casinos games, today. It is believed that Baccarat history is as interesting as the game. There are many stories involved over here. Some of those involve legends, whereas few involve actual events.

Etruscan Sacrament

In this case, it is believed that a virgin was told to throw the 9-sided die. It was on the outcome of the die that her fate rested. If it had 8/9, the girl would have needed to become a priest. Again, for a 6/7, she would be asked to live life as an outcast. For anything lower than 6, she should leave the place forever. And then she must travel the seas.

Italian Version

Another version of Baccarat History involves Felix Falguierein. Many believe that this Italian gambler invented the game. Here, Tarot cards were used to play the game. The Italian meaning of the term 'Baccarat' is zero. It is quite odd, as in the case of this game, '0' hand is a buck, which makes it certain that the player will lose.

French Version

Baccarat History is quite interesting if you consider the game's French connection and its legal status. Initially, the game was outlawed and thus had to be played only covertly. However, later on, the government legalized the game and imposed taxes on it. Napoleon, when he ruled France, again made it an outlaw. Following some time, the Games (Chemin De Fer as it was known) was legalized again and now, it is amongst the popular ones in the country.

English Version

In England, the Online Casinos game was known as European Baccarat. There was a popular phenomenon then referred to as the notorious card counters. People, who follow the game, have a sound idea about it. Greek Syndicate, a popular group then, was popular for this particular move.

American Version

Baccarat History began in America only in the 20th century. Tommy Renzomi introduced the game in Las Vegas live online. It was introduced only in selected casinos across the city, where the rich and high-class part of the society used to play. Known as Punto Banco, it is still regarded as the simplest Baccarat version in the world.

Since the American version is the easiest of all, it is the one, which is being followed in the online casinos as well. It is one of the reasons, why the game is so popular across the world.